Swing to Snatch:

A 13 Week Kettlebell Intensive 

This is a group training program to help you build strength, master kettlebells, and develop more self confidence.
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What if you

  •  could get serious workouts in a fraction of the time?
  • could make strength gains with just two kettlebells?
  •  no longer needed a gym membership?
  •  could master kettlebell foundations on your own time with the support of a community?
  •  had a 13 week program guaranteed to help you decrease body fat, build muscle, and increase mobility?

This program's for you if you

  • have tried every type of workout and haven’t seen the results you desire!

  • are ready to figure out how to get the most BANG for your workout time!

  • are sick of seeing other people have what you want. You're ready to achieve it! 
  •  want to feel like the strongest version of yourself!

We begin June 3rd 2023!

This is our orientation call. If you cannot make it live you can catch the replay in the Facebook group!









Make sure you order your kettlebells and sign up today, as space is limited!


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By the end of the 13 week course you will be swinging and snatching confidently!

Along the way you will build muscle, drop body fat, and increase mobility. When you partner with me, you gain access to each of the following:

Progressive Training Program

  •  4-5 kettlebell workouts per week
  • Exercises Library of 100+ videos
  • Lifetime access to the course.


  • Weekly group zoom calls 
    • Individualized feedback on technique Tuesdays 4pm PST.
    • Team workout Saturdays 7am PST.
  • Three 30min private technique calls with Colleen.
  • Three private 30-60min private calls with Biomechanics Specialist.




Intimate Community 

  • You will have access to a private facebook group with other students going through the program. Imagine how empowering it will feel to have a #fitfam that you can count on for support not just during this program, but for life!

A little about me...

About 5 years ago I was commuting into a job everyday that I didn't enjoy. I was newly married and going through a challenging time with my family. My own workouts were suffering because I wasn't on a training program. I was so stressed that on my train rides home I was drinking and eating pizza regularly. At 25 I felt miserable and was searching for something to help me get it together! I was managing a fitness studio that used kettlebells, and I had to learn how to use them. My intention was never to train with kettlebells. Fast forward 6 months later, I fell in LOVE and began to work with a kettlebell specialist to get ready for my Russian Kettlebell Certification. My body fat went down 5%, my muscle mass went up. I went from not being able to do a pull-up to being about to do 3 without spending anytime on a pull-up bar. I also gained a tremendous amount of confidence in myself as an athlete and as a person. Now it's my mission to share that with you!


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Behind the scenes look at Swing to Snatch: A 13 Week Kettlebell Intensive!

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