Virtual Kettlebell Coach, Guinness World Record Holder, and Published Author. I empower women by following my Find Your Fierce methodology.

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Training Services

All training is done virtually. All the options listed below will have us connecting in real time.

Private Training

Whether you are brand new to kettlebells, looking to prep for an event, cleaning up technique, or looking to feel strong in your body, I would love to help you! Email me at [email protected] to figure out how I can best serve you.

Email [email protected]

Black + Gold: Group Training Program

Black + Gold is a progressive strength training group program with a heavy emphasis on Hardstyle kettlebell technique. The goal of this program is to help you increase your strength and mastery of kettlebells to a whole new level with a community and coach by your side! Every quarter there will be a new focus and final challenge to make sure you are seeing the fruits of your labors pay off!

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Swing to Snatch: A 13 Week Kettlebell Intensive

 If you are looking to go from 0-100 on hardstyle kettlebell technique this is for you! By the end of the course you will be able to swing, clean, strict press, squat, Turkish get up, and snatch AT LEAST your testing size kettlebell if not a weight up to 8kg heavier! The majority of the course is done on your own. You will have weekly sessions with me some as a group and others one on one. You will receive weekly/daily form feedback. Access to your own biomechanics specialist to make sure you are doing everything you need to be doing to stay safe and feeling good throughout the process. Everything is recorded and you'll have lifetime access to all materials. To learn more click the link below and fill out an application!

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5 Secrets to a Powerful Kettlebell Swing

Find Your Fierce Methodology

Find Your Fierce (FYF) embodies a structured approach aimed at fostering self-awareness, resilience, assertiveness, authenticity, optimism, empathy, and courage. FYF empowers individuals to embrace growth confidently. Those who have discovered their fierce essence can navigate life's fluctuations with grace. This blend of inner strength and external virtues distinguishes them as leaders, inspiring others not to imitate their journey, but to embark on their unique paths guided by personal aspirations rather than societal norms.

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