Virtual Kettlebell Coach, Guinness World Record Holder, and Published Author. Empowering you to get stronger, leaner, and more confident by training Hardstyle Kettlebell Technique.

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All training is done virtually


Ready to begin your strength training journey? This is a self paced DIY progressive program that will give you the foundation you need to becoming stronger, leaner, and feel more energized!

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Swing to Snatch: A 13 Week Kettlebell Intensive

If you are ready to transform your life this, is for you! I will teach you in depth how to train hardstyle kettlebell technique so that you can become stronger, leaner, and embody confidence! Everything in this program will elevate your self-esteem and empower physical and mental growth!

Option to join a live intensive or try this as a DIY intensive. Read full page to learn your options.

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Black + Gold: Group Training Program

Are you a woman who already knows how to perform the big 6 hardstyle kettlebell skills? Ready to get stronger, leaner, and more BADDASS?! I have the program, the community, and live coaching for you!

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Private Training

Whether you are brand new to kettlebells, looking to prep for an event, cleaning up technique, or looking to feel strong in your body, I would love to help you! 

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Listen to the Dangerous Women Podcast

Join Colleen as she brings on a variety of experts, specializing in: fitness, nutrition, mental health, medicine, beauty, and sex. The goal is to help empower HER health + wellness journey. You can listen on all major podcasting sites. Make sure to follow on Instagram @TheDangerousWomenPodcast. 

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FREE Beginner Friendly Workout

When you go on social media to look up a sample kettlebell workout it looks super cool and kinda intimidating! Let me pop your kettlebell cherry with my beginner friendly workout ensured to make you feel strong + accomplished AF!

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Cardio might get you leaner, but a kettlebell swing will get you leaner AND stronger

Learn my 5 secrets to a power kettlebell swing, allow me to coach you through a 10min EMOM you can do weekly to get leaner + stronger!

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Join the FREE Facebook group: Kettlebell Tips + Tricks

Ready to master kettlebell training? Join our free Facebook group and connect with a supportive community of fitness enthusiasts. Get exclusive tips, tricks, and expert advice to help you lift smarter, get stronger, and achieve your fitness goals. Don't miss out—join now and start your transformation today!

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Let's play a game, 'I SPY'

Feeling confident about your kettlebell knowledge? Prove it! Kettlebells are an incredible tool to help you get stronger, leaner and feel more energetic, BUT you need to know HOW to use them to get the most out of them!

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What should your strength training focus be to match your goals?

Strength Training is an umbrella term! Specific types of training with kettlebells will give you the specific results you want: lifting super heavy object with ease, building bigger muscles, increasing your stamina. Maybe you want it all?!

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You want to work with Colleen Conlon, but not sure where to begin. This quiz will help you figure out where to start!

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Discover your Kettlebell Queen Archetype

Are you the Queen who using her training as a meditative practice to connect to her body, or are you the Queen who treats every workout like a battle to increase grit + fortitude?

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About Colleen Conlon

Colleen Conlon has been a fierce force in the fitness industry since 2013, transforming lives with her passion and expertise. She began her illustrious career as a group fitness instructor at some of NYC’s most prestigious gyms, including Equinox, LifeTime, and Crunch. Colleen's talents quickly caught the attention of the digital world, leading her to contribute to fitness apps like DailyBurn and become a founding trainer for Equinox's revolutionary app. Alongside these accomplishments, she built a thriving freelance personal training business in the heart of New York City.

Before embarking on her fitness journey, Colleen was studying musical theater in NYC, showcasing her diverse talents and dedication to the performing arts. During her time in the city, she also worked as a fitness model, further establishing her presence in the industry.

Armed with a diverse array of certifications from ACE, PTAGLOBAL, YTT200, RKC, The Gray Institute, SHWINN, and YOUCANROW, Colleen is a powerhouse of knowledge and skill. In 2020, she launched a groundbreaking virtual fitness business, offering private training, group sessions, and online courses focused on the Hardstyle Kettlebell Technique. Her dedication and expertise have earned her two Guinness World Records for the Turkish get-up.

Colleen’s influence extends beyond the gym. She is a celebrated author of the book "Kettlebell Catalyst," where she shares her journey and insights into strength training. She also hosts transformative retreats for women who train with kettlebells, fostering a supportive and empowering community. As a motivational speaker, Colleen captivates audiences with her talks on inspiration and actionable steps for personal growth. Her podcast, "The Dangerous Women Podcast: Empowering Your Health + Wellness Journey," continues to inspire listeners worldwide.

Colleen’s latest venture, Phoenix Flex, is an innovative workout performance supplement line set to revolutionize the industry. Her remarkable achievements have been highlighted in prestigious publications such as Cosmopolitan, STRONG, Women's Health, and the New York Post.

As an eating disorder survivor and someone who has undergone four major abdominal surgeries, Colleen never expected strength training to be a guiding light in her journey. She believes anything is possible with the right game plan, taking action, and asking for help.

A passionate advocate for women's empowerment, Colleen Conlon is a beacon of inspiration, continually pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in fitness and beyond. With her dynamic approach and unwavering dedication, she continues to lead, inspire, and transform lives, one kettlebell at a time with her Find Your Fierce Methodology.

Find Your Fierce Methodology

Find Your Fierce (FYF) embodies a structured approach aimed at fostering self-awareness, resilience, assertiveness, authenticity, optimism, empathy, and courage. FYF empowers individuals to embrace growth confidently. Those who have discovered their fierce essence can navigate life's fluctuations with grace. This blend of inner strength and external virtues distinguishes them as leaders, inspiring others not to imitate their journey, but to embark on their unique paths guided by personal aspirations rather than societal norms.

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