I help women overcome limiting beliefs by mastering kettlebells.

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All training is done virtually. All the options listed below will have us connecting in real time.

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Whether you are brand new to kettlebells, looking to prep for an event, of cleaning up technique. I would love to help you. Submit an application today to see how I can best serve you!

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 I offer DIY + Custom programs. Programming is encouraged for those who have a beginner-advance understanding of Hardstyle kettlebell concepts. If you are a novice to Hardstyle I would encourage you to go through a live course with me. To learn about all the programming options I offer, click the link below! 

Programming options

Live Class Schedule

All live classes happen on ZOOM. To sign up please visit the link below. All classes require a foundational understanding of kettlebells such as creating tension, breath work and skills such as the Turkish Get Up, Cheat Clean, Push Press, Swing, and Goblet Squat. You should only sign up after graduating one of my courses, having worked with another RKC or SFG coach, or having worked with me and receiving clearance to join. There are multiple instructors on the roster. All are RKC certified and have trained under myself for 9+ months.

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Live Courses

Anyone can use a kettlebell the same way anyone can cook an egg. However if you want to make the best egg you learn that the type of pan you use matters, the amount of heat you use matters, what you coat the pan with matters, how long you cook it for matters! It's the same with Hardstyle Kettlebell Technique! There are a lot of details you want to be aware of if you are going to be safe and see progress along the way! Below are my two live courses which are great for anyone who is looking to master the foundations of what go into Hardstyle. These courses are only offered a few times per year. Make sure to join the waitlists if you are interested in the next round!

Swing to Snatch: A 13 Week Kettlebell Intensive

 If you are looking to go from 0-100 on hardstyle kettlebell technique this is for you! By the end of the course you will be able to swing, clean, strict press, squat, Turkish get up, and snatch AT LEAST your testing size kettlebell if not a weight up to 8kg heavier! The majority of the course is done on your own. You will have weekly sessions with me some as a group and others one on one. You will receive weekly/daily form feedback. Access to your own biomechanics specialist to make sure you are doing everything you need to be doing to stay safe and feeling good throughout the process. Everything is recorded and you'll have lifetime access to all materials. The next round begins Aug 27th 2022! To learn more click the link below and fill out an application!

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This is a 4 week intro course in Hardstyle Kettlebell Technique. You will have one LIVE 90minute session per week as a small group (capped at 5) to learn things such as proper breathing, how to create tension, how to utilize ground reaction forces. Skills we will work towards include the goblet squat, swing, push press, and turkish get up (unloaded). This course is perfect for someone who wants to get a taste of Hardstyle Kettlebell Technique before committing to it as a primary for of strength training.

The next live training kicks off in 2023. If you can't wait, you may purchase to do the course on your own at any point in time. Please note if you do the course on your own and then decide you want to join a live training, you do need to pay the difference. (On your own, $350. Live training $500).

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P.S I have a gift for you. Click the link below if you want my FREE 5 Secrets to a Powerful Kettlebell Swing! 

5 Secrets to a Powerful Kettlebell Swing

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