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Get Stronger + Leaner with the Kettlebell Swing

Cardio might get you leaner, but a Kettlebell Swing will get you leaner + stronger

The hour can never go by fast enough when you are on the treadmill. You might rip your hair out if your do another 45min group fitness class filled with endless jump squats, and all or what? You still don't like what you see in the mirror. Let's change that! If you want to get leaner and stronger, you need to lift relatively heavy weight. A 10min EMOM of kettlebell swings is awesome because you will get your cardio fix while strengthening your hamstrings, glutes, core, lats, and back!

Let me teach you how to do it!

What's included

1. In depth breakdown for how to safely swing the kettlebell.

2. Weight suggestion to ensure the right muscles are doing the work.

3. 10min audio of me in your ear coaching your swing to ensure you are actually getting stronger + leaner.