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Project: Snatch Test!

Project Snatch Test!: If you are trying to achieve a snatch test this is for you! You can do this as your full workout or tag it on to the beginning of your workouts. There’s 3 protocols you’ll be cycling through, one focused around TGUs to workout on overhead strength and endurance, one to increase cardiovascular endurance and grip strength, and one to workout on snatch technique. Be aware, this isn’t a program to teach you how to snatch, you should already know how to do that and then use this as your training plan. Exercises included in the program include: Swing, Single Arm Swing, Snatch, TGU, Reverse Lunge, Planks, Windmill, Holds. If you take and aggressive approach and train this program 5x per week, it’s possible to achieve your snatch test within 10.5 weeks. If you would prefer to train it 3x per week, it’s possible to achieve your snatch test in 17 weeks.

What you'll get:

  • Progressive workouts program spreadsheets
  • 12 Videos tutorials

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